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  Product name:mini smart double wheels hoverboard r8g Electric self balancing scooter for kids

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Facebook Message: rooder facebook message Skype: contact-skype


Max. speed: 5-8km/h
Motor power: 300W
Size:5" inch
Max Load: 80kg
Climbing capability:15
Voltage:36V/2AH lithium battery
Charging time:1 hours-2hours
Ground distance:120mm
Scooter Weight:4.5Kg
Gross Weight: 6kg
Package Carton Size:45x17x14cm


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Packaging: inner giftbox + outer carton box

Payment terms:
Mass production: 100% T/T before shipment.
Sample: 100% in advance by PayPal, Bank T/T or Western Union.

Lead time:
5 workdays (1 week) for 5 to 30 units

15 workdays (3 weeks) for 100 units
20 workdays (4 weeks) for 500 units

We provide warranty service for non-artificial quality problems.
1. one year for the main vehicle, except the battery, tires and the plastic shell.
2. six months for battery. 

Return policy:
For non-artificial quality problems, the customer just need provide proofs (video/picture) of the broken machines, then we will judge which part is broken, then we send the good parts together with next order. (for example, we send good parts together with next delivery by container).

Hope to get your feedback. Thanks very much!

Best Regards
website: , mail:, skype: rooderchina, whatsapp: +8613632905138, wechat: gavin782
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Shenzhen Rooder Technology Co.,Ltd. 

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Whatsapp: +8613632905138,


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New Factory Address: 5th, Building A, Nantongbang High-Tec Park, Dabutou Road, Guanlan, 518110, Shenzhen, China. 


Contact Us:

Facebook Message: rooder facebook message Skype: contact-skype