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  Product name:Personal Vehicle Transporter, Smart Sensor Gyroscope Electric Scooter w6 golf

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Quick view:

Adult Electric Scooters is also known as standing scooter 2 wheel (vehicle, transporter, bike or mobility scooter). It is an ideal substitute tool for walking. 

Our electric stand up scooter uses gyroscope to intelligently control the balance. It moves forward or backward as the center of gravity goes. The turning radius can be zero, which means that it can be operated at a very narrow space.

It can be driven by simply moving your body. You can learn to drive in minutes! It frees you from fatigue and brings you infinite joy. Ready? Let’s start a fantastic journey!


Applications: Leasing, Tour, Patrol

1. Police, security personnel patrol

2. Personal travel, amusement and short-distance travel

3. Renting in tourist attractions, parks and amusements playgrounds

4. Intelligent robot moving platform

5. Industrial park, factory, greenhouse personal transport

6. Commercial applications, riding to do promotion for your product

7. Car partner, put into the car black box as a scooter

8. Airport, stadiums, indoor venues, big warehouses, major shopping centers

9. Exhibitions buyers travel





Whole vehicle is water proof: Central Control Console with waterproof rubber ring; Steering axle with sealing ring, motor with waterproof rubber ring, charge port socket with waterproof hood, LED display with waterproof cover 
2.Welded part of body vehicle adopting asphalt seal, easily riding through 200mm water 
3.Adopting latest torque spring turning mechanism, lighter and softer without abnormal sound 
4.LED display includes speed, mileage, remaining battery and voltage display. 
5.Quick disassembly screws for the lower part of the turning pipe. Disassembly for this part can be done easily within 10 seconds 
6.Imported key for large current power supply lock, one-to-one key 
7.Adjusting screw with anti-slip washer, giving better fixation after adjustment


 Model No.


 Net Weight





 36V 15AH Lithium Battery



 Motor Power



 19 inch

 Height of Handle

 80-130cm Adjustable

 Max Load


 Max Speed


 Max Mileage


 Height of Footplate

 10 in

 Max Height of Above Ground

 5 in

 Min Turning Radius


 Max Climb Capability

 30 degree

 Standard Pressure of Tire


 Battery Show

 LCD Screen Percent display

 Charging Time


 Package Size


 Gross Weight



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2 rodas scooter elétric

Packing List:

Electric scooter

 1 pcs


 1 set

Turning pipe

 2 pcs

110-220V AC Power Adapter

 1 pcs

4 key Remote controller

 2 pcs

Assistant Tools

 1 set

User Manual

 1 pcs

other accessoriess

 golf bracket ( the bag not included)

What’s new?

1. Automatic fuse, protector with waterproof design
2. LCD display switch with waterproof design
3. Scooter assembled with front and back light for night use.
4. Tubeless Off-road Wide tire
5. Remote controllers
6. Bracket fixer can be used to hold tight side box

Why Choose it?

1. Zero emission & no pollution
2. Low energy consumption
3. High efficiency

Why Choose us?

1. We are not only product seller, but also service provider.
2. Excellent quality and performance, we are keeping learning and improving our product all the time.
3. Reasonable price, best choice for individual buyer and re-sellers.
4. We keep certain quantity of stock, so we can fast shipping.
5. Professional after-sale service,
6. Big discount for repeat order, wholesale and resellers are warmly welcome. Support OEM/ODM.


Sample or Trial order
-1-3 days after receipt of payment.
Container order
-5-15 days after receipt of payment.


-Express (DHL, TNT, Fedex etc)
-Air, it will take about 4-7 days to get to destination airport.
-Sea, it will take about 20-35 days to reach destination seaport.


-100% TT or West Union
- US dollars , CNY accepted

NOTE: Buyers pay all expense of shipping and insurance. When buyer receives the goods, buyer must check the packing list and take pictures to get proof from the express-man if any part is missing. As a seller, we are only responsible to the delivery to the board of China. But we will help buyer get compensation from shipping company for missing goods if buyer has valid proof.


The concept of our after service is efficient, professional, satisfied.
Our aim is that every customer made order without any after service worry.
1. We supply 6 months free repair for motor, 12 months free repair for motherboard. It will start from the time you receive it.
2. Return policy: Buyer can send the defective motherboard or motor back to our factory for free repair but it must meet following condition:
a. In the first 2 months (1-2 month from received product), buyer pays shipping to China and we pay return by China Post, if buyer want us to ship out via DHL, Fedex, TNT etc, need pay the difference.
b. In the 3rd month-12th month, buyer pays for round shipping cost.
c. If it is not the product’s problem, our engineers will check carefully and give the result and then we will pack and resend to buyer but buyer must pay burden of all expense.
Notice for import tax and other charges
Buyers pay all expense including import tax and handling charges.
For exporter, we have to pay our local charges, such as Commercial checking, customs
and documents fee. So it is same for buyer to pay his charges like import tax and etc.

Contact Us:

Facebook Message: rooder facebook message Skype: contact-skype